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Our Promises

Exceptional service and great value are the norm

At SASIT we take care of today, so our customers can concentrate on tomorrow. Our services empower our customers’ focus on the future needs of their organisations. These services include:

  • secure hosting of mission-critical applications
  • dynamic hybrid cloud strategies
  • simplifying IT procurement
  • assured business continuity
  • software development and application integration

All these services deliver peace of mind to our customers. They also know that they get value for money with exceptional levels of service, support and technical expertise.

Our Difference

Structure and process meet flexibility and agility

SASIT is a good culture fit for mid-market size organisations. We have a strong reputation earned over many years through rigorous process adherence and good governance.

At the same time, we have built a culture that rewards flexibility and agility. Most importantly, our ethos is an unwavering focus on addressing each customer's individual needs. We do not take a cookie-cutter approach to engagements so no two customers receive the identical service.

After more than 40 years we have built a significant body of experience, know-how and quality processes. Because we work in teams we do not depend on any one individual to provide essential services. Every day it is our job to strive to make our customer’s experience that bit special.

Our Trustworthiness

We are the reason our customers sleep well at night

Today an increasing amount of IT is mission-critical. We understand this from our four decades in the business.

At SASIT we pride ourselves in our proactive approach to mitigating risk. You name it and we have not only considered it but have put preventative measures in place.  Often we have also identified areas of savings that we now pass on to our customers.

Our customers enjoy a contracted uptime of 99.99%. We strive to ensure every customer is a positive reference. Every respondent in our last customer satisfaction survey would recommend our operational and support services.

Our Value

We are the safe pair of hands

Our customers trust us to deliver what they have signed up for. As IT infrastructure specialists we have the knowledge and experience to ensure mission-critical systems operate smoothly and cost-effectively.  We provide advice and operational services covering private and public cloud architectures.

SASIT is the only IBM Power Systems MSP providing IBM Power Systems as a Service across seven trans-Tasman data centres. On that basis we provide more systems (infrastructure and services) to more customers across Australia and New Zealand than any other IBM business partner.  We specialise in compute and managed services on the IBM i platform as well as AIX and Linux. For these services we employ the largest and most-highly qualified IBM mid-range technical team in A/NZ.

We are private cloud specialists on IBM Power Systems. So when it comes to meeting specific customer needs, we deliver outcomes rather than just focusing on tasks.

Put us to the test

Let us take a project off your hands as a short-term measure and see how we perform. Contact us now.
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