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SASITcomprises of a number of business units.

These business units are vertically-aligned around service delivery areas. The aim is to deliver a cohesive, comprehensive approach to customer services. In doing so, we avoid both gaps and duplication across our customer engagements.


Chief Operating Officer

Matt Roberts, who has been at SASIT since 2006 is the Chief Operations Officer (COO). Reporting to Matt are the heads of three business units: Operations, Managed Services and Professional Services.


Virtual Technology Office

A new development, is our Virtual Technology Office (VTO). This comprises of some of our most experienced architects and consultants. Part of their role is to provide the technical direction for new products and services. The VTO staff report to Matt as part of this strategy remit.

Business units

Head of Operations is Warren Brennan who has been with SASIT for eight years. The Operations team comprises 11 service professionals delivering the following Tier 1 support:

  • customer service desk
  • 24/7 systems monitoring
  • customer on-premise desktop services
  • facilities management for our own and our co-located data centres

Head of Managed Services is Donna Robinson.  The Managed Services team comprises 18 staff, grouped into three units that provide Tier 2 support:

  • IBM Systems
  • Unified Systems
  • Service Delivery Management

Head of Professional Services is Tim Partington.  The Professional Services Team provides Tier 3 support as well as Project and Consulting Services.

Head of Development Services is Albert Vanderplancke. He has worked in the IT industry for 24 years including the last five years at SASIT.  

The Development team is experienced in the use of technologies in a utility-based market. Their role is to architect, design, develop, deliver and support our customers’ mission-critical systems.

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