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Between May and September 2013 SASIT completed a major project with Hynds Pipe Systems Ltd (Hynds). The work included the installation of a new IBM Power system and an operating system upgrade from IBM i V5R4 to V6R1.

In the first project phase SASIT audited Hynds’s existing IBM Power system specifications and the current backup strategy. Then a recovery test was carried out and the system recovered successfully onto the SASIT infrastructure at our Greenlane data centre.

Next we upgraded the operating system from V5R4 to V6R1. Hynds support staff checked the upgrade of M3, the mission-critical ERP application from Infor that runs Hynds’s business, while working on-site at Greenlane. Once the operating system upgrade was completed the new version was saved and used as the base install for the new hardware.

"We were pleased with the partnership built up between our staff and the SASIT project team. The whole project has run smoothly and has come in on time and on budget.
"At one stage it looked like we would need to allow a full weekend for the new hardware install. This meant we would have had to make key systems unavailable for Saturday morning trading but the SASIT team believed they could start in the afternoon and meet the implementation deadline.
"This was one more factor in justifying our decision to partner with SASIT for this mission-critical project.”

- Mark Petersen, Group Information Services Manager

At this time Hynds’s IBM System i was nearing its end of life and had the potential to cause a major system outage. The next phase of the project was to install and verify the new IBM Power 7+ server, disk expansion and IBM tape library at the Hynds National Support Centre in Auckland.

SASIT consultants then built the new system from the save of M3 at V6R1. Finally, a refresh of data from the old V5R4 system was completed and the migration to the new hardware took place over the first weekend in August 2013.


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