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As a poultry supplier operating nation-wide, Tegel Foods Ltd runs round-the-clock IT systems to ensure timely delivery of fresh, chilled and frozen poultry products to its. In addition, Tegel also grows the chickens they then process – which is also heavily reliant on IT.

Tegel uses Movex from Infor as its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the foundation of its financial, production, logistics and sales & marketing operations, with more than 600 users.

This is a mission-critical application: if Tegel cannot replenish supplies to the feed-mill in time, feed for the birds runs out. They then do not meet their target weights and customer expectations as to product quality are not met.

At the other end of the distribution system, failure to keep the supply chain running to resellers could result in considerable financial loss.

“Our operations run 24/7 to keep up with local and international demands and even short periods of downtime can have a huge impact on our business.
"In addition, we lease all our equipment and so every three years we get a new IBM Power System. Upgrading using iTera is much easier as we can quickly wheel in a new server, replicate the existing environment and then, in a short window, swap to the new box and then smoothly make the transition from the old hardware to the new.” 

- Neil Illsley, (former) Infrastructure Manager


SASIT manages Tegel Food’s IBM Power Systems server and NetApp storage, models FAS2240 and FAS2552. Because of the mission-critical nature of Tegel’s operations, the company required a high-availability solution to ensure it is protected in case of a disaster.

SASIT recommended Vision’s Solutions iTera High Availability (HA) solution which also helps minimise planned downtime during infrastructure upgrades and while performing role-swap tests. The solution was implemented in 2011: the HA solution has yet to be tested on a real outage but Tegel has already benefited tremendously.

In August 2015 we signed a contract to move to Tegel’s Infor ERP onto Power Systems in our Greenlane data centre. The project was completed in November using Vision Solution’s iTERA Availability for IBM i to manage the role swap process.


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