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Fletcher Aluminium Limited (FAL) designs, develops and manufactures premium aluminium extrusions for an extensive range of industries. Its product set includes windows and doors, commercial systems and specialist extrusions for private supply.

The company’s investment in world-class technology and design has resulted in a large number of patents and copyrights. This investment has enabled the company to leverage the success from its New Zealand home base into in a number of off-shore markets. As part of such a large building products organisation, Fletcher Building Group, FAL draws on a wide range of global expertise in building products and design.

FAL’s manufacturing plant in Auckland relies on its ERP application, M3 from Infor, to manage its production, supply-chain and financial operations. Guaranteed up-time of this mission-critical application environment is essential to the company’s success: consequently FAL has been using Vision Solutions iTera HA (high-availability) software for a number of years to ensure unplanned downtime is reduced to a minimum.

FAL had previously deployed the Last Minutes journaling service from SASIT but in 2010 FAL upgraded to iTera, with its improved functionality. This move has provided greater efficiency, robustness and reliability for backup and recovery of M3 in the event of a critical outage.

SASIT has also been responsible for FAL’s IBM Power System environment under a remote facilities management contract since 2010. This involved replicating the production system back to our data centre for disaster recovery (DR). In 2014 FAL made the decision to also move their M3 environment, both Power and Intel, onto the SASIT IaaS environment.

“Our company and SASIT have had a long-standing working partnership, which has grown progressively over the years. The move to the SASIT IaaS environment in 2014 has delivered the quality service and peace of mind we expected. We can now ensure minimum unplanned downtime for our mission-critical ERP.”

- Graeme Gallagher, Business Information Manager

Fletcher aluminium high availability itera IBM Power
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