Beyond email: content archiving

Email archiving content archiving strategy

Our new sales manager, Ian  Hight. sets out how archiving is moving from a tactical play around email to underpinning a more strategic content archiving environment with new, enhanced solutions to manage that new content. 


Big Data: not just for Big Organisations

SMBs have generally considered ‘Big Data’ to be beyond them. In this article, Albert Vanderplancke proposes that it is now timely for SMBs to take a new look at ‘Big Data’.

IT and marketing closer partnership

SASIT celebrates 40 years of IT service

SASIT 40 years MSP FM IBM i reseller

Since our founding in 1974 we have grown to more than 50 staff, and can lay claim to being IBM's largest Managed Services Partner for IBM i in Austalasia, with some 110 Power Systems under management.

An IT and marketing partnership needed

Ian Hight joins the growing discussion about the partnership between IT and marketing to enable business transformation. This discussion has grown following the prediction, made just three years ago by a Gartner analyst, that the Marketing Director will have a bigger percentage of the IT spend (on new systems) than the CIO by 2017.

If this is correct, then IT and marketing have much to gain from developing a joint strategy for the organisation.

Application streaming

Application streaming virtualisation

Kevin Rapson explains how app streaming enables IT to deliver applications to users without having to install them on local computers. 


Key elements in hybrid cloud thinking

 Hybrid cloud computing strategy

In his previous article Matt Roberts demystified the concept of hybrid cloud computing. In this article he touches on the key elements an organisation should consider in developing their hybrid computing strategy.