Key elements of a hybrid cloud strategy

 Hybrid cloud computing strategy

In his previous article Matt Roberts demystified the concept of hybrid cloud computing. In this article he touches on the key elements an organisation should consider in developing their hybrid computing strategy.


Assessing your need for storage virtualisation: Part 3

In his third article in this series on assessing storage virtualisation, Kevin Rapson discusses building the business case to justify the costs and resources needed for the project.

Assess the need for a storage virtualisation assessment

The Workplace of the Future - are you ready?

According to the Citrix 'Workplace of the Future' report, organizations will have almost a fifth less workspace by the end of 2020, provide just two-thirds of a desk for each office employee and completely redesign their workplace.

We have known for a long time that the way we work is evolving. More people are working outside the office, demanding greater flexibility to get work done wherever, whenever and on whatever device works best for them.

Introducing 'application virtualisation'

In this article Gareth Kelsey, Infrastructure Team Lead, introduces ‘application virtualisation’ as a potential alternative to full desktop virtualisation for those needed a more streamlined, focused project.Application vs desktop virtualisation


BI tools for the data warehouse

BI tools for the data warehouse

In this article, Albert Vanderplancke, takes a deep dive into what BI should deliver and touches on the market-leading BI analytical tools.

Mission-critical Application as a Service

How are you at predicting the future in these fast-changing times? Will your CEO or Board significantly change the strategic direction of the organisation over the medium term? Will you reconfigure your business in the next five years and, if so, in what ways?

Application as a Service SaaS

Find out more about how to prepare your IT infrastructure to respond flexibly in the future.