Demystifying hybrid cloud computing


Hybrid cloud computing IaaS

Take up of hybrid cloud computing is accelerating fast, with a number of factors driving this trend.

But what exactly is hybrid computing and what are the business drivers of the trend? Group General Manager, Matt Roberts, helps dispell some of the mystery around hybrid cloud. 

Assessing your need for storage virtualisation

SASIT Client Executive, Kevin Rapson, sets out the elements that comprise a virtualisation plan for storage systems.

In this article he drills down into how to conduct a storage virtualisation assessment. To find out more ...

Storage virtualisation assessment & analysis

Much-anticipated new POWER8 servers from IBM

At the launch last month of the new POWER8 servers, were very impressed with the development path IBM has taken and the strength of their commitment both to the Power technology and to the Linux operating system.


You can read much more on the IBM website but a good place to start with an overview is IBM Systems Mag, here.

Developing the Business Continuity Plan

A clearly defined, well documented Business Continuity Plan (BCP) should be in place in the event of a serious incident that impacts the people, functions and/or reputation of your business.

Disaster recovery and business continuity plan

Find out more on setting the goals, strategies and policies of a Business Continuity Plan.


Get business value from your outsourcing partnership

After calling for a new thinking and a new business model for outsourcing arrangements, SASIT Group CEO, Phil Martin, looks further at the partnership between the IT department and its managed services provider.

While most resources should go into ensuring the terms of the contract are met, both parties will gain so much more if they work together to help both grow and transform the business.

MSP managed service provider partnership

The data warehouse underpins big data analysis

Big data value from a data warehouse

Growing mountains of useful information now reside outside the organisation but it needs to be brought in-house to be analysed and insights gathered from it.

Software Development and Integration Services Manager, Albert Vanderplancke, drills down into more detail on the value of a data warehouse to store, analyse and extract business value from this data.