Procurement, Hosting,
Cloud / Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS),
Managed Services, Disaster Recovery / High Availability


IBM specialists Team Computing and SASIT have joined forces to provide a wide range of services to the
Australian and New Zealand IBM Power System i, p, storage, and Wintel customer base.


These services include:

As Team SASIT is in the business of outsourcing-based solutions we buy and implement as much equipment and software for our own use as we on-sell. That means we get to live with our procurement decisions and therefore understand how important making the right decision is. Our Technical and Operations teams design technical solutions that meet individual business needs and minimise risk. Because we work with an extensive range of vendor organisations, we can price competitively.

Our data centres host more than 80 customer environments; most are mission-critical and require 24 x 7 operational support. To ensure we provide the services needed the data centres are managed by on-site staff 365 days a year.

If you would like a team of technical specialists keeping your IT systems and applications running as they should then consider placing your systems in one of our data centres, under our control.

Cloud / Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
Cloud computing involves Internet-based access to computing capability whereby shared resources, software and information are provided on demand.

As a cloud computing provider we buy larger systems so we can allocate computing resources across these systems to meet individual customer needs. This is a more cost-effective service than any one customer could provide for themselves. These economies of scale do not compromise security or restrict the customer's ability to grow. Available infrastructure includes Intel, IBM Power Systems and SAN storage. All can be contracted on a usage basis with a choice of management and support options.

Managed Services:
Team SASIT manages systems and assets located at customer sites. Whether we remotely manage some or all of the day-to-day IT infrastructure operations, or deliver project specific design and implementation services, you are ensured of peak system performance and availability.

Team SASIT can provide you with a comprehensive managed service package or you can pick and choose from a menu of services available. Either way, we can manage your systems and applications at our data centres in Sydney and Melbourne, Auckland and Christchurch. Or we can do so at your own location, or use a mix of options, to meet your specific requirements.

Disaster Recover & High Availability:
How long can your business systems afford to be down? To reduce risk and the cost of downtime Team SASIT provides a number of options including placing your backup systems in our data centre, sharing our systems and infrastructure environment or employing a fully dedicated or shared alternative system.

These outcomes can involve either your machine, or one owned by Team SASIT located in our data centre. Either option will provide real time replication of data and transactions. So if the production machine goes down, the backup system takes over the workload with little downtime or data loss.


For more information:

Australian businesses call 1300-832-628 visit: or email: teamlogo
New Zealand business call 09-525-7353 visit: or email: saslogo




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