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SASIT along with Computer Associates has moved beyond API management. We now provide all the tools and expertise you need to modernise application architectures using API’s and micro services, with the speed and security required to create an agile business of scale.

We help customers create an agile business by modernizing application architectures with APIs and microservices. Our portfolio includes the industry’s most innovative solution for microservices, while continuing to provide the most trusted and complete capabilities across the API lifecycle for development, orchestration, security, management, monitoring, development, discovery and consumption.

API Strategy Development

Growing your enterprise is an ongoing priority. And, as the application economy continues to expand, it’s likely that you’re looking at digital business initiatives to fuel a significant portion of that growth. Among the most promising objectives
of such a strategy are:

  • Providing superior digital experiences for consumers through mobile
  • Expanding markets and revenue streams through multiple channels
  • Connecting employees and partners to enterprise data anywhere, anytime
  • Launching innovative new services for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Successfully executing a digital strategy requires the ability to launch new apps and coordinate your digital presence with partners. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) create the connectivity required to share enterprise data and digital content with those apps and partners over the Internet.


Enabling Developers

Developers are among the most influential stakeholder group when it comes to API management, the key to successful API delivery is providing a good experience for developers. We approach API management with a sharp focus on delivering fast and easy to consume API's. 

The number of developers who have already registered with your API program—and the level of activity your APIs are driving in the developer community—can serve as valuable endorsements. We track key KPI's such as the time from developer registration to “hello world” which are key in convincing other developers that your API represents the fast track to market.

Taking the right approach

At SASIT we couple our skills with the market leading Computer Associates API manager with a 5 pillars methodology:

  1. Create modern REST API's from existing information assets.
  2. Integrate and orchestrate enterprise services across silos.
  3. Secure and authorise information assets exposed via API's.
  4. Optimise system performance and manage the API lifecycle.
  5. Engage, on board, educate and manage developers.

Taking the right precautions

The potential business benefits of APIs are highly attractive, but you can’t chase those benefits at the expense of accountability and security. Before offering your APIs to outside developers, it is essential that you clearly define and implement the following policies and capabilities:

  • API analytics and monitoring
  • API identity and security model
  • API infrastructure and operations
  • API management platform

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