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SASIT's cloud services deliver support for todays cloud centric operating environment.

Organisations are turning to the cloud to both gain a competitive advantage and to lower their capex costs.

Planning, developing and maintaining the best of private and public clouds, is resource intensive. Some organisations have moved quickly and very organically. Others worry about costs and the difficulty of measuring the return on investment.

Meanwhile the number of providers and their range of deliverables also continues to grow. While this means more opportunities and choice, it also means a need for a strategic plan. Organisations will need stronger links between IT and key business drivers.

At SASIT we can meet your organisation where ever you are on the operational cloud maturity spectrum. 

Defining cloud services

Public cloud is a standard cloud computing model from a service provider such as Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft or IBM (and many others). These providers make resources available to the public over the internet. The service catalogues available from public cloud providers are now very extensive and consequently gaining in complexity. Our approach starts by assesing your current cloud maturity position then working with you to taylor the combination of cloud operational services appropriate to your organisation.

Private cloud means an enterprise-specific computing environment protected behind a firewall. The private cloud model appeals to organisations wanting more control over their data. Many achieve this control through ownership of their own on-premise data centre. SASIT offers a full managed service provider service offering utilising our five data centres covering New Zealand and Australia or supporting systems hosted in our clients data centres.

Hybrid cloud utilises combinations of Public and Private cloud. Organisations mix and match cloud services as required. We offer a comprehensive set of services designed to support hybrid cloud configurations.

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