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Operational Evaluation

Many organisations have moved some or all of their IT infrastructure to a cloud platform. However, due to the ease of moving systems to, in particular public cloud, the process has happened quickly and very organically. Our cloud maturity evaluation ensures that a clear baseline has been establised. The report helps to identify such issues as:


  • Operational cloud needs
  • Change management approach
  • Business requirements for lines-of-business and their customers
  • Verifying that the public and private cloud balance is right
  • Evaluating if the private cloud should be in a hosted environment. 
  • The necessary governance and security policies
  • The short and long term cost and business benefit model
  • What resources the internal IT department has and where we can add value
  • How to ensure the right partners and vendors are in place

Cloud Ops Implementation

This drives where appropriate, the desired level of integration of public and private cloud services.SASIT can help:


  • Deploys a proven framework to connect with desired business outcomes
  • Provide clarity around how to implement
  • Ensure alignment of the cloud planning with current IT plans
  • Close the gaps between current levels of resourcing and planned initiatives
  • Identifies the operational practices needed to maintain stability
  • Ensures the correct level of business continuity process is understood

Cloud Roadmap

SASIT ensures that implementing the cloud plan is seamless and stress-free. We do so by creating a ‘Roadmap to the Cloud’. Our recommended roadmap model includes milestones plus an owner of each action and deliverable.

We can help:


  • Build a governance model to achieve operational excellence
  • Implementation of infrastructure as code practices
  • If applicable; design an efficient and scalable hybrid cloud architecture
  • Define the placement of application workloads in the cloud
  • Set out the steps, the people and the technologies needed
  • Manage change impact across people, processes and platforms
  • Design and manage effective cloud development and migration plans
  • Help ensure the organisation achieves its desired outcomes

Cloud Selection

SASIT helps find the set of cloud providers that have the right fit, functional services, cost and risk profile for the organisation. We do so by applying the following criteria:


  • The functions that are required
  • The balance between control, convenience, security and practices
  • The Service Levels provided for reliability, availability and performance
  • Selecting the right cloud service for scalability
  • Identify the correct mix of public cloud services
  • The ease of setup and on-going system management
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