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SASIT’s hybrid cloud services enable enterprises access the best of the private and public cloud services.


Many organizations are moving towards a mix of private and public cloud. Yet integration of the two is not always delivering on the promise.

True hybrid integration delivers a single platform which spans both private and public cloud. SASIT has developed a platform that delivers cloud integration that matches individual business models. It also bridges the divide between flexible and responsiveness and security and stability.

Hybrid benefits

The platform brings a number of key advantages to customers wanting to truly integrate the best of private and public cloud:

  • Hybrid cloud integration ensures private clouds integrates with public cloud
  • Presenting a service layer over legacy applications enables access SaaS
  • Solves regulatory issues associated with full public cloud
  • Hybrid cloud integration assigns sensitive data to a private cloud.
  • While maintaining security SaaS can access segments of sensitive data

In the end, it is all about developing a true integration process rather than a mix and match menu. Outsourcing hybrid cloud management to SASIT relieves a busy IT department of this resource-intensive activity. 

Customer Successes

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Juken New Zealand

Click on the image to hear Juken New Zealand CFO/CIO Graham Maples discusses his company’s relationship with UXC Red Rock and with us

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