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SASIT's disaster recovery solutions, supported by streamlined back-up and archiving systems, protect our customers’ mission-critical data.


A disaster recovery (DR) strategy has now become essential for many New Zealand organisations. A practical DR plan delivers peace of mind when it comes to business continuity.

Our DR services ranges from suites of on-demand capabilities for data replication to full fail-over high-availability (HA).

SASIT works with business continuity specialist, Plan B. We host two of their customers' production systems in our Greenlane data centre.

We also provide IaaS offerings to enable Plan B to recover their customer's virtual machines and data onto Intel servers. We do so by replicating de-duplicated data onto our NetApp storage using SnapMirror. This has made disk space savings of more than half compared to the original backup model.

These customers now only pay for the storage capacity they use. They do not need to purchase their own NetApp system, so their DR solution is funded from opex rather than capex.

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Juken New Zealand

'JD Edwards - Your Way' is a one stop shop of infrastructure, database and applications support for this Oracle ERP. Listen to Juken New Zealand CFO/CIO Graham Maples discuss his relationship with UXC Red Rock and SASIT.

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