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SASIT's high-availability systems ensure we consistently meet our customers’ Return Point Objectives and Return Time Objectives for systems recovery.

To stay competitive, organisations must provide uninterrupted service and meet stringent data availability requirements. When it comes to mission-critical applications, there is no time for downtime. The organisation cannot afford to lose any of its critical data.

Backing up to tape at the end of the day was once the backbone of many DR plans. Using only this service could expose the organisation to potentially serious data loss.

Our systems can replicate the production environment to a backup server in real time, with zero data loss. This means customers can confirm their HA readiness without impacting the production server.

SASIT recommends two vendors for managing an HA environment:

  • Halcyon systems management software from Help Systems
  • iTERA or Double Take HA software from Vision Solutions

Customers can either manage their own HA or they can pass the process to us: it's one of our key data centre services.

Whatever the choice, customers sleep easier knowing that they have non-stop business continuity.


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