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New Zealand businesses trust the SASIT managed services team to deliver the specialist IT outsourcing services they need.


Outsourcing of IT ranges from using contract staff for certain roles to passing all systems management to a third party.

SASIT is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) which means we maintain customers' IT systems. These may be housed in the customer's data centre or in our own.

To do so we undertake a range of contractual responsibilities. At a simple level these mean using specialists for specific tasks. These can include project managers, business analysts or user help desk staff.

On a more complex level it can be full management of the infrastructure. It may even involve taking over the employment contracts of existing in-house staff. Sourcing of infrastructure and vendor management are two other key skills we can bring.

This all means our customers can shift resources to focus on strategy and innovation. This is because their IT staff members are now freed up from tasks that were just 'to keep the lights on'.

Whatever the level of services needed, we want to act as a partner in the relationship, not just a supplier.

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