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Along with a range of value-added IaaS services, SASIT delivers customers peace of mind by managing mission-critical applications in our Australasian data centres.

At SASIT we established our reputation primarily on the IBM i platform and are still the largest managed services provider in Australasia for this market.

We have since built on this reputation to offer secure, high-performance, multi-tenanted Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). We have a diverse set of managed services customers hosted in five data centres across Australasia.

The primary site is our corporate office in Greenlane, Auckland, which we own. We have a further four centres where we deploy a range of infrastructure we both own and manage:
  • Albany on Auckland’s North Shore (‘Orbit’)
  • Christchurch
  • Sydney
  • Melbourne

We are experiencing unprecedented growth in demand for our IaaS offerings and we continue to invest heavily in building out our capability across all our data centre environments.

SASIT can provision either physical or virtual servers: our IaaS environment houses multiple shared VMware vSphere host servers within a VMware high-availability (HA) cluster. This system guarantees that if a VMware vSphere host server was to fail all VMs running on that server will be automatically re-started on a surviving host server.

Multi-tenanting this infrastructure enabling us to spread costs across a number of customers and pass the savings back to those customers. In addition, customers can buy infrastructure as they would a utility , paying only for such IT resources, and corresponding services, when they are consumed.

SASIT also offers Storage-as-a-Service: in Australia we use IBM SANs while in New Zealand we use a mix of SAN technologies. This includes several large NetApp SAN storage units in each of our three local data centres. This infrastructure model ensures that all the customer's data is secure and isolated from access by any other customer.

Customers whose data resides on infrastructure housed in these data centres can take advantage of our Backup-as-a-Service. Using CommVault Simpana, SASIT performs automated operating system, application and data backups to a number of options: on-site storage; off-site storage; and tape for off-site media storage.

The flexibility of SASIT IaaS to grow and contract the customer’s IT environment on demand helps reduce operating costs and capital expenditure. The technology we offer provides a robust, secure and highly-available environment that can grow to meet the changing needs of the customer’s business.

Multiple new IBM POWER8 systems in our IBM Power Cloud environment brings the number of Power Systems under management to more than 120. Thus we remain the largest and most highly-qualified IBM Power Systems Managed Service Provider (MSP) in Australasia.

We also offer Cisco Unified Computing Systems (UCS) along with Intel-based servers in our two Auckland data centres. This additional computing power provides significantly more flexible production and backup capability for our customers and puts us in the top-tier of private cloud providers in New Zealand.

Our data centre environments are set up to run 24/7 at an ‘N+1’ level. N+1 is essentially an extra system for each service and allows for scheduled maintenance as well as possible system failure. This means there is a level of built-in redundancy in the power, air conditioning and telecommunications services.

To meet our N+1 commitments, SASIT has made significant investments in our UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) systems. We recently added a third Chloride Power Protection unit provides a minimum of seven minutes of battery time to run mission-critical servers and storage systems.

SASIT has been using systems management tools, from such vendors as helpsystems, for many years. We deploy these across the SASIT-managed infrastructure to remove a substantial component of manual checking. There is also the added benefit of providing monitoring and reporting to a previously unavailable degree of detail. We also offer flexible pay-as-you-go licensing models from Microsoft (SPLA) and VMware (VSPP).

We recommend keeping backups simple and robust, saving all user data every day and system software once a month or after PTFs are applied. Tape cycles should have enough depth so that the relevant data can be recovered if a problem is found to have been caused by a past event. For all offsite storage of backup sets In New Zealand we use the services of our partner, business continuity specialist Plan B.

The SASIT value proposition stacks up very well as an alternative to customers owning and managing their own on-premise infrastructure. More and more organisations are looking for the flexibility and value for money that our offerings provide.

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