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SASIT's development brings a rich set of knowledge and skills to our customers’ development & integration.

SASIT began in business more than 40 years ago as a software development business.

Our first major projects were with the NZ Automobile Association, still a customer. Today, we are extending our reach right across Asia with our business partner Equifax.

The SASITdevelopment team has a very strong ethos: do it right first time so it is done just the once. To do so, our consultants take a quality versus quantity approach, constantly striving to find ways to be innovative for the customer’s benefit. We build solid partnerships with our customers, underpinned by the trust we have earned.

Our experience has taught us how to take a strategic approach to development and integration. We do so with a range of consulting services:

Roadmap consulting:

Expert advice to create both short- and longer-term application roadmaps. We match business goals and objectives with the IT department’s resources, capabilities and budget. This helps the organisation extend the life of key legacy systems.

Business Analysis (BA):

This is a pivotal process between project approval and beginning work. Before the project starts we recommend it goes through  of a formal business analysis (BA). The BA plan helps set goals, define the scope of work and detail the functional requirements. This agreed plan is then signed off by key stakeholders before the project begins.

Product development:

Helping make idea a reality, no matter the complexity of the new business idea. Our team helps map each step in the development process. In this way, the customer understands all the processes needed to develop the new product or service.


Extending the in-house development team:

Many organisations have fluctuating demand for development specific project skills. It can also be difficult to attract and skill up the talent the organisation needs for a project. Stability and longevity are two major reasons why our customers use SASIT as their extended development team.

Customer Successes

40 years of successful relationships and satisfied customers.

NZ Automobile Association

Since 1997 we have developed close ties with NZ Automobile Association, including maintaining their 1.3m member database. See the video clip for more.

Veda's mission-critical systems.

We have provided support for Veda's mission-critical systems since 2006. To find out more about our close relationship, listen here.

Advice & Opinion

Hear our advice and opinion through global insights, newsletters and blog posts.

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