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SASIT’s development services help customers take advantage of a range of new technologies.

Software development has been viewed as just a way to save costs by automating back-office functions. Now this service brings capabilities to help align technology with changing business needs.

One such capability is creating a more engaging experience for customers. In turn this can give the business an effective advantage over the competition.

The business of IT is changing rapidly and software development is at the heart of capitalising on five key technology trends:

  • Mobile device proliferation
  • Big data
  • Borne in the cloud application solutions
  • Intelligent connected systems

SASIT helps our customers grasp the opportunities presented by these technologies with:

Architecture and design

We have a comprehensive architecture practice, from infrastructure design to individual software components. We go beyond the standard 23 GoF design patterns. Instead we use modern best practices to architect scalable, cloud-enabled systems. These are also reliable in terms of messaging and their data storage capabilities..

Custom application development

We provide a full suite of services across the software development life cycle (SDLC). These services include business analysis, scoping, designing, developing and testing. Once these are complete, we implement, migrate or upgrade the application. Finally we audit and set up on-going application and technical support.

Our team covers multiple technology sets, including: .Net, Java, RPG (3GL), Synon CA2E (3GL+4GL), and LANSA. We also develop in Microsoft SQL and in DB2 databases.

We are a Microsoft Silver status Partner. 

Mobile application development

Organisations recognise the growing value of mobile apps, particularly for consumers or stakeholders. But development for the three major mobile platforms (Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft) is costly.

We deploy Apache Cordova to develop hybrid mobile apps with lower development and maintenance costs. With Microsoft Universal platform we can build one app and it is safeguarded to any user device. With these platforms can also focus on the reliability and security of the organisation’s mobile data.

Database administration (DBA) services

As with any system, databases benefit from regular housekeeping. At SASIT we have DBA specialists for Microsoft SQL and DB2 databases.

Some of the common DBA tasks they help our customers with include:

  • Keeping databases up-to-date ensuring user requirements are met
  • Archiving data and managing security and integrity
  • Managing database access
  • Designing maintenance procedures
  • Providing user training, documentation and support

Database design and development

We can assist from design of a simple database to full development of a database for an ERP.

Security review

We can assist customers with a basic review of their security. To do so we use our interpretation of the top 10 Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) standards.

In this review we detail the findings and present recommendations for improvement. Our team can help with resolving issues and implementing the recommendations.

Proof-of-concept (POC)

A POC bridges the gap between the requirements definition and what the customer receives. A POC reduces project risk by showing the capabilities of the solution and its fit for purpose.

Data Migration

This is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats or computer systems. It is a key consideration for any system implementation, upgrade or consolidation project. It is an area where our team has wide and varied experience.

Software Testing

Naturally we quality-assure our own software deliverables. We also offer these testing services to customers. In this process our consultants review the product and then define a test plan with the in-house IT team.

Multi-language and multi-cultural applications

SASIT has extensive experience in developing multi-lingual and multi-cultural applications. We have written new programs in Microsoft ASP.Net in both English and Arabic.

As an example, we recently wrote a front-end application for a customer's offshore operation. This application needed to automatically change its layout to the left-to-right orientation of Arabic.  The program also supported using both the Gregorian (CE/BCE) calendar and the Hijri/Muslim calendar.

Cloud-based development

SASIT makes wide use of cloud platforms to design and develop borne in the cloud business solutions. 

These platforms help us integrate data with other standard and secured cloud services. They also provide geo-proximity support for multi-national applications to avoid any communication delays.


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