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Organisations are demanding faster systems to collate and analyse more data in new ways.

Businesses need to implement applications in weeks rather than months. They also they need to achieve this while reducing IT costs. This is creating new demands on IT infrastructures. These must now deliver new levels of performance to enable the business to respond to new opportunities.

Power Systems i

Three of the IBM POWER8 models that SASIT has found popular are the S824 and the E870. There's also the new E850 for even better performance with commercial workloads.

S824IBM Power Systems reseller nz

Key features of the S824 include:

  • Consolidation of UNIX, IBM i and Linux workloads and ideal for virtualised application servers An analytics application and a small to mid-size database can run on the same server
  • Delivers greater speed and efficiency for database, transactional and other highly multi-threaded applications Moves data in and out of systems more quickly with twice the memory and I/O expansion
  • Enables faster insights and smart acceleration enabled by CAPI (Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface) technologies such as FPGA accelerators for key workloads

For more information see the main IBM product page here.

E850IBM Power Systems reseller nz

The E850 is a unique blend of enterprise-class capabilities in a space-efficient, 4-socket system with excellent price performance.

It is the ideal platform for medium-size businesses and as a departmental server or data centre building block for larger enterprises:

  • Designed for data and analytics, delivers secure, reliable performance in a compact, four-socket system
  • Can flexibly scale to rapidly respond to changing business needs
  • Can reduce IT costs through application consolidation, higher availability and virtualisation to yield more than 70% utilisation and Capacity on Demand
  • Flexibility to run IBM AIX or Linux operating systems concurrently

See the main product page for more information, click here.


Key features of the E870 include: IBM_Power_870.jpg

  • Open innovation for Linux, AIX® and IBM i Manages fluctuating business demands with dynamic, private cloud capacity Minimises risk with secure delivery of data and services on a proven, reliable platform
  • Streamlines deployment and increases responsiveness with built-in virtualisation and innovative resource sharing
  • Delivers twice the performance per core of competitors with enterprise scalability for the most demanding data-centric applications
  • Open innovation for Linux, AIX and IBM i

For more information on the E870 see the main IBM product page here.


Two of the IBM storage models we also sell are the Storwize V3700 and V7000.

Storwize V3700

Key features of the Storwize V3700 include: IBM Power Systems storage reseller nz

  • Entry level disk storage system designed with sophisticated capabilities unusual for a system of this class Offers efficiency and flexibility through built-in thin provisioning and non-disruptive migration of data from existing storage
  • Addresses block storage requirements of small and midsize organizations at an affordable price
  • Easy-to-use data management with the new generation GUI and point-and-click system management capabilities
  • Creates instant copies of data for back up or application testing with FlashCopy® Supports business applications that need to grow dynamically, while consuming only the space actually used, thanks to thin provisioning

For more information see the main IBM product page here.

Storwize V7000

Key features of the Storwize V7000 include: IBM Power Systems storage V7000 reseller nz

  • Virtualised, enterprise-class storage systems that provide the foundation for implementing an effective storage infrastructure and transforming the economics of data storage
  • Reduces the cost of storage by up to half with industry-first hardware accelerated
  • Real-time compression, while maintaining application performance
  • Reduces storage acquisition costs by up to half by using up to 80% less disk and flash capacity
  • Automated storage tiering with IBM Easy Tier provides advanced technology for automatically migrating data between storage tiers based on real-time usage analysis patterns

For more information see the main IBM product page here.


In addition to servers and storage, SASIT also supplies IBM tape drives and we especially recommend the TS3200 Tape Library Express Model. Key features of the TS3200 include: IBM storage tape drive reseller nz

  • An excellent solution for large-capacity or high-performance tape backup with or without random access
  • Leverages the latest generation of Linear Tape-Open (LTO) technology to help cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements
  • Offers outstanding capacity, performance and reliability for a cost-effective backup, restore and archive for mid-range storage environments
  • Manages the library remotely through a standard web interface with flexibility and greater administrative control of storage operations
  • Offers up to two LTO Ultrium 6 full-height tape drives or up to four LTO Ultrium 6 half-height tape drives as well as LTO Ultrium generation 4 and 5 tape drives using a 4U form factor

For more information see the main IBM product page here.

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