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SASIT has been a business partner of NetApp storage since 2005. The technology is our storage-of-choice for the private clouds at our five data centres.

The most popular models we supply are as follows:

8000 Series Unified Scale-out Storage

NetApp's most powerful hybrid storage array, the FAS8080 EX (PDF) is purpose-built for business-critical workloads requiring massive performance and leading flash integration.

Key features include:

  • Completes business operations faster by realising consistent application performance across a broad range of SAN and NAS workloads.
  • Boosts throughput and decreases latency with a new high-performance, multi-core architecture and self-managing flash acceleration
  • Streamlines IT operations by leveraging simplified management and proven cloud-provider integration
  • Delivers non-disruptive operations at greater than 99.999% availability
  • Consolidates storage and improves price/performance by 2x
  • Delivers superior TCO by reducing capacity utilisation and improving long-term ROI via proven storage efficiency and twice the price/performance of the previous generation

FAS2500 Hybrid Storage Array

NetApp storage reseller nz

Delivering superior ROI, reducing operational costs and minimising risks for growth.

Key features include:

  • Get more from the investment by accelerating workloads by up to 46%
  • Boosts hard-disk utilisation further with enhanced partitioning and storage efficiencies
  • Automate storage management with the click of a button
  • Minimises risk and disruption - so start small to minimise upfront costs
  • Accelerates  SAN and NAS workloads with up to 20x the hybrid flash
  • Reduces storage consumption by 50% and boost usable capacity
  • Enables connection to the cloud to protect data and handle dynamic storage needs

FAS8000 Series

NetApp storage reseller nz

NetApp's most powerful hybrid storage array, the FAS8080 EX (PDF) is purpose-built for business-critical workloads requiring massive performance (up to 4M IOPS), multi-PB scale, and leading flash integration—including all-flash configurations.

Key features include:

  • Faster completion of business operation
  • More streamlined IT operations
  • Superior Total Cost of Ownership
  • Accelerated SAN and NAS workloads with 2x the performance; scale to 103PB
  • Increased return on assets and cloud-enablement of existing storage with FlexArray
  • 3x faster installs and simplified application integration
  • Non-disruptive operations and greater than 99.999% availability
  • Improve price/performance by 2x

For more information see the NetApp product page here. Pictured are the popular lower-end models, the 8020 and 8040. For a feature by feature comparison across the 8000 range, click here.


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