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Oracle SPARC Systems

As a leading New Zealand reseller of the Oracle Database Server (ODA) and SPARC servers, SASIT is ideally placed to bring customers the benefits of the Red Stack.

The main features of the SPARC server family are:

  • Built-in, no-cost virtualisation, security and management technologies simplify application Oracle sparc server unix solaris reseller nzconsolidation, lower costs and improve utilisation
  • Full function server management at no extra charge, including local and remote management, power management, monitoring, fault detection and notification
  • Engineered to run Oracle database, business applications, and middleware software

Oracle sparc server unix solaris reseller nz

The most popular model by far that we supply is the SPARC T5-2 server, which is ideal for IT organisations seeking to drive down the cost and complexity of their operations while delivering better application response times and service availability.

For more information on the Oracle SPARC T5-2 server click here.

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)

Oracle Engineered Systems are about getting the job done faster, better and more economically than it has been done before. These systems are architected, integrated, tested and optimised to work together which cuts complexity and costs. This results in easier deployment and upgrades and more efficient systems management.

Engineered systems are preassembled across every level of the technology stack. The integration work is done ahead of implementation so new services come online quickly. The IT team can focus on improving services and service levels - and adding value to the business.

The ODA X5-2 saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance and support of high-availability database solutions. Oracle sparc server unix solaris reseller nz

Built with the Oracle database, the world’s most popular, ODA offers a fully integrated system of software, servers and storage. It also incorporates networking that delivers high availability database services for a wide range of custom and packaged OLTP, database and data warehousing applications.

For more information on the Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) click here.

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