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    Am I getting the value out of making the move to the cloud?

    Once a successful cloud migration has occurred, and all essential business systems are up and running within the cloud – that’s it, right? 

    Wrong. Its natural to think things should move back to business as usual, however, this is the point where you can begin to tailor and transform your cloud solution to ensure it is truly delivering value to your business.  

    Because that is what it is about – getting value from your move to the cloud. 

    Most companies make the move to reduce costs and enable their business to do more. 

    That’s not business as usual. It’s a new, innovative way of doing business. 

    Unfortunately, there are a few things that get in the way of companies getting value out of their cloud migration. 

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    How do I transform faster now that I’ve migrated to the cloud?

    The scalable, flexible nature of cloud enables teams to do things quickly. 

    The idea of doing things faster should mean greater efficiency for your business. 

    Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as that. 

    It can be a challenge knowing what to do with this newfound ability, and speed doesn’t necessarily equal efficiency – especially if it’s not controlled! 

    The cloud also opens up so many options and areas that you can use to improve the way you do business; it can be difficult to know where to focus. 

    This can be a real risk. 

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    Innovation from the cloud – where could your business go?

    Cloud technology that has been thoughtfully and robustly implemented into your business will undoubtedly improve everyday processes and tasks, but the benefits don’t  and shouldn’t  stop there.  

    Truly effective cloud solutions should also provide the agility and flexibility your business needs to drive unprecedented innovation for your business.  

    Traditional on-premises technology can be rigid and expensive to change, hampering innovative ideas and solutions rather than driving them.  

    New ideas or changes to business processes have generally been accompanied by red tape, manual processes and stacks of documentation. In contrast, cloud based technology takes away the pain points of change and provides the perfect platform to plant and grow innovative ideas that will drive success.  

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    Why is the cloud costing me more than I expected? ​

    Most IT departments have “migrating to the cloud” as one of their goals. 

    Moving to the cloud has been touted for years as a nirvana – enabling businesses to save costs and do more. 

    And, saving costs is usually the most significant driver for companies to make the move. Consulting company Capita found that for 61% of the IT decision-makers they interviewed in a recent UK study, the main reason for migrating to the cloud was to reduce costs compared to keeping their data on-premises.  

    Unfortunately, for many companies, their costs haven’t reduced. Instead, they’ve increased. 

    So, why is the cloud costing you more than you expected? 

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    I want to migrate to the cloud – where do I start?


    For any business, the reliability and stability of your core systems is a must.

    It’s no different when you migrate to the cloud. You need a robust plan in place to minimise risk and ensure the stability of your essential business systems during the migration.

    These systems are “mission critical” and if they're out of action or compromised – your business has a problem.

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