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    Best practices for a Business Intelligence (BI) project

    By Ian Hight

    In this article I take a deep dive into how to develop a best practices approach to BI based on seven project phases.

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    Bimodal IT: threat or opportunity?

    Since Gartner created the term ‘Bimodal IT’ in 2014 there has been considerable debate as to the pros and cons of this organisational model for IT. The analyst organisation sums up bimodal IT as an IT organisational model with two types of services/two modes:

    Mode 1:    Traditional IT focused on efficiency, robustness, safety and accuracy. It's a deliberate, consensus-driven and slower moving process and often involves technology core to the business. Also known as ‘systems of record’.

    Mode 2:    Modern IT focused on experiment, agile, agility and speed to market around technologies that are often business applications, but they can be core technologies as well. Also known as ‘systems of engagement’.

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    Why IT is key in the new marketing wave

    In my last article, I joined the growing debate about the increasing need for closer cooperation between IT and marketing to enable business transformation. I summed up:

    ‘Inevitably, marketing is poised to exert even more influence over technology spending. But doing so without the solid foundation of a strong cross-functional collaboration with IT makes will not work. Marketing and IT have no choice but to get on the same page of the hymn book and drive business value by working together as strategic partners.’

    In this article I focus on a hugely important area, data management (encompassing big data and analytics), where IT can help with the rapid changes that marketing is undergoing as it shifts the organisation to become more customer-centric.

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    Beyond email archiving

    In this article I look at how archiving is moving from a tactical play around email to underpinning a more strategic content archiving environment. 

    As the corporate information landscape changes and grows organisations are looking for new, enhanced solutions to manage that new content.

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