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    Hutt City is the primary location for light industry, service and distribution activity in the Wellington region, with a population of more than 100,000. The Council has 380 employees spread across 26 separate locations. All staff use the council’s central database on a daily basis as it stores everything from city blueprints to street maps, meeting notes, resident information and more.

    By 2011, Hutt City Council was moving more and more services online to broaden the range of community services available: this change generated data growth of around 20% per annum. Internet-based services, such as an extensive Geographic Information System (GIS), online property inquiries and a payments portal, all meant the council’s legacy infrastructure faced significant challenges.
    Hutt City Council
    The city council also established an off-site disaster recovery system which also runs off the NetApp system. This system replicates more than five terabytes of data in case of a disaster ensuring that no data will be lost if the on-site servers are compromised. Using NetApp SnapMirror the data is replicated daily and sometimes hourly, depending on the amount of content being loaded onto the servers by the IT team. The Council’s CIO approached SASIT to help deal with the continual data growth as well as provide a reliable disaster recovery solution. The solution proposed, and subsequently implemented was a NetApp FAS2040 storage system and virtualisation of four-fifths of the Council’s 80 physical servers. The new system incorporates NetApp SnapDrive which virtualises the council’s data and fully automates the formerly manual task of data management. Hear Rob van Endt, CIO at Hutt City Council, discuss the Council's relationship with SASIT in the area of NetApp storage;

    Hutt City Testimonial 2 from SASIT on Vimeo.

    "Since implementing the NetApp solution from SASIT we have seen incredible results. We no longer have to upgrade our mapping system off-line which virtually eliminates our downtime and enables staff to be far more productive. The scalability of the NetApp platform enables us to provide more online resources for the community and we can upgrade whenever the time is right."
    - Rob van Endt, ex CIO
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