Successfully move your mission critical systems to the cloud

Experts in transforming systems for the cloud, SAS IT helps you plan your cloud journey to minimise risk, reduce cost, and ensure the stability of your essential business systems.

We work with businesses who’ve got stuck on their cloud journey

  • Are you running customer applications in the cloud, but your core data systems run on-premises?
  • Have you attempted to move to the cloud, got stuck and tried to go back to on-premises? ​
  • Is your cloud migration just stuck somewhere along the way?
  • Are you not seeing any benefit from your shift to the cloud and it’s become a hindrance? ​
  • Or, do you want to migrate to the cloud and don’t know where to start?
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Our cloud journey gets you to your destination

We plan the whole journey – minimising risk, reducing cost, and enabling your business to do more.





What you'll get on our free Cloud Journey Workshop:

  • Join the SAS IT team for a complementary, four hour deep dive into planning your organisation's Cloud Journey
  • Understand your organisation's whole Cloud Journey
  • Learn how to de-risk cloud transformation - get where you want to go while maintaining safety and security in mission critical systems.
  • Decide where to start - we'll help you figure out what the small chunks of the bigger picture are
  • Understand:
    • Your current environment and how this impacts transformation
    • Your business' future and where your environment needs to adapt
    • The stages you'll need to take on that journey
    • An action plan for your organisation to start benefiting from the cloud, now
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