IBM Power Systems are recognised as world leading servers because of their price performance and incredible reliability. SASIT has become established as one of the leading IBM business partners because of our knowledge and experience of Power Systems.

    Power Systems

    Today there are essentially only three processors in the market for mission-critical applications. The Intel x86 processor dominates small servers, desktops, and laptops; the IBM mainframe zEC12 processor still dominates extreme workloads, and the IBM Power processor, dominates Unix workloads. Power Systems are optimised for three different operating systems: AIX, Linux and IBMi.

    Power Cloud

    For a number of years SASIT has provided an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering based on IBM Power Systems. We now have more than 140 IBM Power Systems instances under active management. Housed in seven data centres across Australia and New Zealand.

    Power Hybrid

    Adopting a hybrid cloud approach enables organisations to take advantage of the capabilities of public cloud platforms and at the same time utilise existing private clouds such as SASIT’s power cloud which provide greater controls and service options.

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