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    Innovation from the cloud – where could your business go?

    by SAS IT Team

    Cloud technology that has been thoughtfully and robustly implemented into your business will undoubtedly improve everyday processes and tasks, but the benefits don’t  and shouldn’t  stop there.  

    Truly effective cloud solutions should also provide the agility and flexibility your business needs to drive unprecedented innovation for your business.  

    Traditional on-premises technology can be rigid and expensive to change, hampering innovative ideas and solutions rather than driving them.  

    New ideas or changes to business processes have generally been accompanied by red tape, manual processes and stacks of documentation. In contrast, cloud based technology takes away the pain points of change and provides the perfect platform to plant and grow innovative ideas that will drive success.  

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    What the cloud makes possible 

    Smart architecture and cloud capabilities allow for the rapid development of new products and services, creating opportunities to grow business and add value.  

    With the benefits of a well-crafted cloud solution including stable and reliable business processes; increased visibility of, and the easy sharing of information across a project team or business; scalability and flexibility to implement changes and much more. All at less expense and disruption than traditional business improvement and change projects  cloud technology throws the doors wide open.  

    Cloud technology gives business easy access to a vast array of new opportunities, including but not limited to:  

    • Internet of things  access to untapped markets through new wearable or non-traditional devices 
    • Intelligent databases and advanced identity-based security 
    • Improved collaboration to drive unique and creative business solutions 
    • Added customer value  the ability to explore and deliver new customer solutions at pace, and without disruption to customer service 
    • Speed and agility  the ability to respond swiftly and quickly to capture and deliver on elusive market opportunities 
    • Synergies between on and off-premise technological solutions  cloud technology doesn't have to be one-size-fits-all and is sometimes a combination of on and off-site solutions will work best  

    With the right technology in place, innovation is simply limited by your imagination. 


    Blog 05-02But you can’t jump straight in 

    Most great success stories are built from a solid foundation, so it’s important not to jump straight to the innovation point in the process.  

    Success depends on laying the groundwork required to support your creativity and drive to imbed new ideas and solutions.  

    A stable and reliable base is the result of a solid plan, and many small projects are likely to be required to get you to the point where innovation will deliver compounding benefits to your business​ 


    SAS IT’s approach to cloud innovation  

    Our approach to implementing a cloud solution and the process driven journey we follow to get you there, will make your business more agile and open up many opportunities for innovation.  

    We collaborate with you to find fit-for-purpose solutions to your business challenges, implement best practice solutions, and deliver them via a robust plan and strategy, with the end goal of growing your business through smart innovation.  

    Book our Cloud Journey Workshop to set your business up for innovation. 


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