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Here's what we recommend:

Marketing Team

Deliver truly personalised customer experiences

The integration platform for your marketing team to access the information they need to provide timely, relevant and personalised experiences.

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IT Team

Integrate anything and everything

Overcome the limitations of your technology and let your business logic run free.

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Business Insights & Efficiencies

Keep up with an everchanging environment

The cloud platform to connect your business systems and give your organisation the reliability and agility it needs.

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Regulatory Risk Compliance

Manage and monitor your regulatory risk compliance

Manage and monitor your regulatory risk compliance

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IT & Enterprise Compliance

Easily integrate your IT & enterprise compliance with the rest of your business

Easily integrate your IT & enterprise compliance with the rest of your business

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Financial Compliance

The simple, efficient, and cost effective way to comply with your financial reporting regulations

The simple, efficient, and cost effective way to comply with your financial reporting regulations

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Develop and deliver products faster

DevOps is the platform for development and technology operations teams to communicate, collaborate and fuel innovation.

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Telecommunication,Advertising,Agriculture,Banking,Construction,Financial Services,FMCG,Food and Beverage,Healthcare,Manufacturing,Retail,Tourism,IT Cost Reduction,Cloud Transformation,Infrastructure Modernisation

Cost Certainty

Achieve flexibility and cost certainty

Get the best of both worlds – the flexibility of the cloud and the control over your costs, so you know what you’re paying every month.

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Agriculture,Construction,Cloud Transformation

Cloud Transformation

Successfully move your mission critical systems to the cloud

Experts in transforming systems for the cloud, SAS IT helps you plan your cloud journey to minimise risk, reduce cost, and ensure the stability of your essential business systems.

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We're experts in managing and maintaining the infrastructure that keeps your business ticking. Whether it's in the cloud or on premise, we deliver your business' core.

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Turn your technology into something that works for you - instead of you working for it.

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We'll help you unlock the value of your data to make faster, better business decisions. Data is the new oil and we can help you take care of your precious resource.

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We'll help you answer your big business questions with innovative thinking, technological excellence and our adaptable, agile delivery culture.

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Balancing uptime with future focus to enhance traveller experience.
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Unlocking the power of hybrid architecture to deliver business value
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We power the applications that keep consumer finance humming.
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Helping ANZCO deliver New Zealand's produce to the world
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Driving efficiency by putting technology in the hands of DTR's staff
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For more than four decades, SAS IT has been behind some of NZ’s most innovative companies.

From our roots in on-premise servers, we now create high value solutions that answer big business questions, using best of breed technology from our valued partners.

Backed by our talented and experienced team, we're here to help your business become tomorrow's digital leader.

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