What is the best way to conduct a seamless business integration?

Do your business integration problems frequently end up in the too-hard basket? Or perhaps integrating your IT ecosystem just seems far too costly.  You’re not alone. For many businesses, conducting a seamless integration process is too much like hard work and will invariably get pushed down the priority list.


After all, it should be easy to get your data from where it lives to where it needs to be, right?


Integration helps to enable digital transformation within the business by delivering differentiated applications with unique features, faster and more cost-efficiently. It also standardises and connects system and data silos. On the development side, the process can save development time by requiring little or no code, and provide pre-set API integrations.


To deliver seamless integration between your systems, data and applications, you need the best open-source solutions to do it. This will transform the workflow of your organisation’s applications development and most importantly, build first-class user experiences for your customers. All this needn’t be costly – or too hard.


Where to start?

How is your business currently managing different systems and how do they integrate? Perhaps your systems and data silos are making it difficult to deliver customer value and stay one step ahead of your competition. Are you using public cloud, private cloud or on-premise? Depending on how your current setup is designed, you’ll want to think about your ideal plan and how to obtain access to all the information you need, when you need it.

Join us for our upcoming SAS IT Integration Webinar on Thursday September 30th with Red Hat's Mandi Buswell to learn more about how businesses are navigating the complexity of integrating their systems to drive business performance and to reduce drag in app development.

SAS IT’s approach to integration

By using Red Hat® Integration, SAS IT can help you achieve your digital transformation goals by supporting and enabling business-wide integration.


To put it another way, we’re thinkers and doers and our team of analysts and architects go into your systems and figure out a cost-effective solution to clear your integration roadblocks and get you going.


Our integration service uses best-in-market open-source solutions, providing easy integration between your systems, data and applications.


If you are experiencing integration problems, SAS IT’s team of analysts and architects can clear any roadblocks and come up with a solution. With full-spectrum support throughout the process and beyond, complex integration requirements will no longer be relegated to the ‘too hard basket’.


You’ll delight your customers by transforming the workflow of your organisation’s applications development, all with less complexity and with faster speed to market.


About Red Hat®

Red Hat® is a comprehensive set of integration and messaging technologies designed to connect applications and data across hybrid infrastructures. It is an agile, distributed, containerized, and API-centric solution. It provides service composition and orchestration, application connectivity and data transformation, real-time message streaming, change data capture, and API management—all combined with a cloud-native platform and toolchain to support the full spectrum of modern application development. 


Next steps

Simplify your integration process with SAS IT’s range of cost-effective solutions. Get in touch with us today to start your digital transformation journey.


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