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Have you started your automation journey?

SAS IT’s Automation Assessment is a comprehensive discovery process in which we work closely with you to help kickstart your automation journey.

Many organisations struggle to keep up with vital security software patching and updating.

These processes are often carried out manually, leaving companies vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.

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optimise your processes

After introducing our automation platform, businesses have seen a 94% reduction in recovery time following a security incident. Using automated processes, companies have also seen a 41% efficiency increase in their application management environment, and IT teams have been able to boost their productivity by 68%.

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SASIT are offering a free initial Automation Assessment (worth $15,000NZD) to a limited number of businesses.  Our Automation Specialists will engage with your Operations or Application teams to:  

· Explore your business drivers
· Understand your current IT tools and processes
· Guide you in developing new automation goals  At the end of our session, we will have captured the current state of your IT infrastructure and can then deliver our high-level recommendations. 

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